Digital Projects

Fort Defiance

Fort Defiance is website that I created as the final project for my Clio II class at George Mason University. The website provides a brief history of fort and its historical significance. The website also displays a 3D model of the fort and numerous maps that I created in my History and Cartography class at GMU. The Clio II class focused on using HTML and CSS to create a website and the History and Cartography class centered on spatial arguments.

SS View of Inside


The 1960’s and Youth Culture

Dr. Jolie Sheffer’s graduate class on the 1960’s created this digital exhibit, The 1960’s and Youth Culture, in collaboration with Bowling Green State University’s Jerome Library. The digitized items featured in the exhibit are just a small sampling of the holdings within the Ray & Pat Browne Library for Popular Culture Studies, the Center for Archival Collections, and the Music Library & Sound Recordings Archive. We, a class of novices, built the site using Omeka.



Pop Culture Pug

The Pop Culture Pug is a media literacy website for parents and educators that I helped establish along with co-founders Briana Pocratsky and Matti Pomeroy in 2015. The site evaluates children’s films for their cultural content (race, the body, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.) in addition to the common criteria of violence, sex, and drugs. The site  is “designed to help parents and educators navigate the process of teaching media literacy to children” by providing “reviews of popular children’s movies along with discussion suggestions that will help facilitate a healthy dialogue between parents/educators and children.”





The Sociologist

The Sociologist is a scholarly open-access magazine that publishes sociological content for a general audience. It is supported by DCSS and George Mason University’s Department of Sociology and Anthropology. I serve as a digital consultant for The Sociologist. I helped the magazine transition to an online format and designed their webpage.