Webpage using HTML & CSS

Students will create a website using HTML & CSS that will include examples from their weekly assignments throughout the semester. Students are encouraged to use Bootstrap to simplify this process. Students will be evaluated on the design and functionality of the webpage.

Class Project (History App Tour)

As a class, we will collaboratively create an UpCountry Historical app for mobile devices. Each student will create a thematic tour that includes at least three locations and six images. Students will be evaluated on the quality of their historical research, writing, and design.

Discussion Leader

Each student will serve as our discussion leader once. Each student will meet with me prior to their turn as discussion leader. Students will be responsible for introducing the week’s readings, posing discussion prompts, and guiding discussion.

Weekly Assignments

Each week students will either write a blog post responding to the week’s readings or complete a skill assignment. Weekly assignments are due on Mondays at midnight.